Acaster Lloyd Consulting poster presentations at the German Allergy Congress (Deutscher Allergiekongress) and the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology Congress (BSACI)

Our team, including Director Sarah Acaster and Senior Research Manager Katy Gallop recently conducted a large European study exploring the psychosocial impact of living with peanut allergy. The results relating to Germany and the UK will be presented in the following upcoming conferences: “APPEAL (Allergy to Peanuts ImPacting Emotions and Life) 1 and 2: Results on Peanut Allergy Impact on Allergic Individuals, Parents and Caregivers in Germany” will be presented as an eposter on Friday 27th September. The UK results will be presented in the poster session at BSACI on Friday 4th October.

More details are available here: and here: