We provide a wide range of COA services from study design through to publication at conferences or in peer-reviewed journals. This page lists some of the services provided, but please contact us with any specific requirements.

COA strategy

  • Consultancy and advice on COA measurement strategy
  • Trial design and COA strategy
  • Strategic consultancy, planning and analysis to support value messages

COA analysis

  • Psychometric validation
  • Secondary analysis of COA data
  • Strategic planning for analysis of trial data

Preference surveys

  • Discrete choice experiment (DCE) surveys with patients, clinicians or general population

Health-state utility studies

  • Prospective patient surveys to collect utility data
  • Systematic reviews of published utility data
  • Strategic advice on methods to collect utility data within or outside of a clinical trial
  • Time-trade off (TTO) studies
  • Innovative methods for collecting utility data in rare diseases

Qualitative research

  • Interviews and focus groups with patients, caregivers and clinicians
  • Concept elicitation for endpoint identification
  • Development of conceptual models to illustrate the impact of a condition and/or its treatment

Instrument development

  • Concept elicitation interviews
  • Questionnaire/survey design
  • Cognitive debriefing interviews
  • Psychometric validation
  • Electronic COA (eCOA) usability and equivalence studies (qualitative and quantitative)